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Additional Services Information:

Please Note: These additional services can be added to a package or purchased individually.

Added Extras (not outlined individually below):

  • Facebook Advertising can be organised at an extra cost (please request quote when required)
  • Google Advertising can be arranged at extra cost (please request quote when required)
  • Professional Photography Sessions - I can organise this for you (please request quote when required)

BIO Update $75.00

Having a well optimised BIO on any social platform is super important.

For example INSTAGRAM: SEO is the process of optimizing your profile and content to rank higher in the Instagram search engine. This can be done by using specific keywords in your bio and captioning your photos with relevant hashtags. Just like with regular SEO, Instagram SEO is all about using the right keywords to help improve your visibility. If you need an update, contact me today and allow me to make your "Business Card" on your Platform - work it its best ability.

Community Management 1hr $60.00

Do you have loads of comments, likes and shares? Do you have a very engaging audience and don't have the time to stay on top of all the comments? I can provide, likes, shares PLUS I can add auto responses to questions or comments that we set up ahead of time. Remember social media platforms are supposed to be SOCIAL so you need to interact to grow your brand.

Note: Hour normally spread out over week.

Competitor Analysis (3) $260.00

Full analysis on 3 direct competitors.

This includes (yet is not limited to):

  • Followers + following numbers.
  • Average comments
  • Average video views
  • Average likes per post
  • Most used Hashtags
  • Advise top five hashtags with the highest engagement rating
  • Top post in last 30 days and how many new followers they attracted as a result

Insta Highlights Setup $50.00

Instagram highlights are all the rage these days, and there’s a reason for this. Instagram highlights provide a means for users to draw attention to and promote their brand.

With these highlights, users can showcase & categorize their best content in a fancy and eye-catching way! Amazing right? Yes, it is, and this is because Instagram highlights are front & centre on your profile! I think brand colours look the most effective and don't go "out of fashion" as quickly. I can organise a set of 8 for you in brand colours with titles and then add stories that you have posted in the past behind each relevant one.

Competition Management $150.00

Do you want to have a competition on your social platforms? I can assist with content creation, Copy, rules and CTA. I will monitor comments, likes and shares and select random winner at end of timeline.

30 Minute Virtual Coffee $45.00

Do you have some questions about your socials that you are burning to ask someone about? Ideas that you think would be a good idea yet not sure if they work for your brand/niche market.... Why not organise a virtual coffee with me and lets chat !